Artistic Wood Bead Chandelier Bring Warmth Nuance Into Your Home Interior

Furniture - 13 February 2017, By Madelyn Shelby

Neoclassical White Wood Bead Chandelier Decor With Green Arcylic Leafs ideas

Natural lifestyle or better known as the movement back to nature at this time more and more sought after by modern society. Not only have an impact on the way of life including diet, the trend seems to be also applied to the world of architecture with the emergence of many modern minimalist homes with a natural concept. The use of the colors of nature inspired interior design houses including the various components of the decoration. If You belong to those who love the concept of your home, one of the elements that can accentuate the naturalness is the Wood Bead Chandeliers.

There’s a reason why wooden beads became basic ingredients to create a chandelier. Wooden beads gives the feel of organic, natural warmth that always feels that you can’t find in other bead material, except for stone, bone, Horn beads, and shells, some models of mixing these natural elements with wooden beads to make a beautiful style and design as well as interesting, or add it to a design that includes a gemstone or crystal Swarovski. They are easy to use because their threading holes are often larger than the other beads.

Some types of wood beads are often used for the manufacture of lamps including bayong, ebony, gray wood, nangka, palm wood, robles, and white wood. They look so spectacular with their wide range of colors. You can find them in earthy tones of Brown, green and turquoise blue pastel colors or bright pink. Produced from different types of wood, they have great patterns and textures. There are also various aromatic, hardwood trees, which makes Wood Bead Chandelier of your home smell sweet.

In accordance with its name, the dominant element on the hanging lamps is wood, bamboo, or webbing. You can put lights hanging these natural themed ranging from the terrace, living room, family room, and private rooms. The design of the lanterns on wooden lamps will certainly look unique and suitable for Your patio. While for the guest with shades of white, you can put a wood motif lamps beautiful white sand. To create a romantic impression of elegant lamps, placement of wood with teak wood as well as the teak wood ornament made with hand knitted must be very precise. Price affordable enough i.e. belongs to the range of hundreds of thousands only. So, which design is your favorite wood chandelier?

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Artistic Wood Bead Chandelier Bring Warmth Nuance Into Your Home Interior | Madelyn Shelby | 4.5

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